The financial center of your digital business.

Manage all your revenues and expenses through a mobile app, automate with your Stripe account and get valuable analytics from your business.

Grow your business by making better choices

Proance aims to help founders manage their new projects, by providing the tools they need to track their financial expenses and revenues. Currently, 7 founders out of 10 use spreadsheets to track and understand better their business, but we all know it gets time and knowledge to setup everything correctly.

That's why we're building Proance: a de-facto set of tools to help you focus on more important things, while we keep your financial data clean, safe and accessible anytime!

Monitor your business

All your important numbers in one place. How much is your current balance? And what can you tell me about your total sales, net margin and revenue growth?

Proance helps you understand better your digital business, it's like a founder's best friend.

Track revenues and expenses

Gain time and value by organizing all your business transactions in one single place, this allows you to keeps things clean and get business insights for free.

You can add revenues and expenses manually, or optionally set up a Stripe integration and let us do the rest!

Integrate with Stripe

Proance works with the tools you already use and love.

Connecting your Stripe account is straightforward and we take care of synchronizing all your products, sales, revenues and fees so you can enjoy Proance from day one!

Compare your data

Effortlessly make complex data comparisons and discover your business trends.

Understand how your numbers stack up against each other and instantly compare things like revenues, expenses, business profit and total sales.

Speed makes a difference Proance helps you reach it

Other existing solutions are either too low level or too complex to be used easily. Proance was born to resolve this problem. Our solution is a fast and easy mobile app with the necessary stats and integrations right out of the box.

Products management Add your products into the app and link them to your revenues and expenses. This allows you to understand which products sell better and which are a burden to your business growth.

Shortcuts to the rescue Similar and frequent transactions are boring to add every time. With Proance you can create a one click away shortcuts to create them.

One time / Subscription based revenue and expense A lot of services focus only on subscription based models and track only the generated revenue, Proance tries instead to be a more versatile tool, and allows the tracking of both single and subscription based revenues, and expenses. That's because we want it to be a financial center of your digital business, and not just another tool.

Filter everything Sometimes it is useful to examine only a subset of our data to understand how it behaved during a certain period of time, that's why we included in Proance the option to filter almost any stat it offers.


Synced with your Stripe account

Synchronizes initially your Stripe account and then checks automatically for new revenues and expenses.

feedback chat

Built in feedback chat

Our team is always available in case you may need it, built in in-app support is always available for that.

Get Proance Early Access

We're gradually opening up early access to companies and teams who want to be more productive.

Some upcoming features are: Budgeting, Revenue share between multiple founders, Investment return and much more! Our goal is to gather feedbacks and ideas from you to improve our product and to bring to Proance the features you as a founder need.